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98demake – a time machine that takes new games back into late 90

Andrzej Kała / 10.08.2017
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With the evolution of our computers and consoles, we get better game engines, that offer more realistic visuals than ever. What was once described as unbelievably real, now is just ugly looking with a little touch of nostalgia. However there is someone, for whom the games from lat 90s have a specific charm.

Way back when…

Most of us associate late 90s with game series like Tomb Raider, Thief, Quake oraz Unreal, that pushed us into the full 3D world. It’s the end of 90s when the first instalments of these series came to light. When we look at them now, graphics that once blew our minds, is right now hurting our eyes with the swiftness of nails, stuck in our eyeballs by the hands of a swift blacksmith.

I approach these games with a dose of nostalgia, because they might not be overwhelming visually, but most of the time under the dated presentation hides an interesting story and engaging gameplay mechanics.

It looks like somebody went through my head and decided to create something, that I was thinking about for some time. What if we took current hits and gave them 90s looks and gameplay mechanics? Would they still hold up?

High quality… demake

98demake is the author of one of millions YouTube channels. But the content he’s presenting is very unique. He takes us on a journey back into late 90s and shows how current gen titles could be looking when they would be created back then.

Videos created by him are not only about recreating the 90s aesthetics but they also include gameplay mechanics that reflect the game design at that point in time. The results vary – some games look completely unplayable, while others don’t loose even a bit of their awesome gameplay, while gaining some more charm.

As an example of the former kind of games is the Assassin’s Creed demake, which not only looks ridiculous, but the character movement and the gameplay as a whole don’t look like anything playable. Of course it could be done better, but where would be the fun then?

The latters kind could be easily presented using Rocket League demake. The game “aged” very well, gaining another charm and loosing nothing from the gameplay perspective.

Of course you can find many more examples on demake98’s YouTube channel, which include not only gameplay demakes, but also trailer demakes! Though they might be short, they represent a very high quality and feature great ideas. I strongly recommend checking out demakes of Dark Souls, Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption and The Last of Us.

The cherry on top of the cake are specially designed for this purpose game covers, that mimic the cover design from the lat 90s!

How does he do that?

The channel contains also one “behind the scenes” video, which presents how the Outlast demake was created. It focuses on the gameplay part, showing the creation almost step by step.

Below you can see the “finished product”. It’s pretty awesome!

There’s also a small bonus!

I’ve managed to reach 98demake and convince him to answer a short set of questions regarding his creations! So without further delay, here it goes!

Oh and if after reading the short interview, some more questions pop up inside your heads that you would like to ask 98demake – let me know in the comments or via e-mail at Who knows, maybe I’ll manage to convince him for a second round!

PD: Hi! So to start things up… Who are you?

98demake: I am 98demake. I create animations of how modern games might’ve looked like if they were made in the 90’s. In real I am a freelance 3d visual artist.

PD: What’s your history with gaming and games in general? When did you start playing, what platforms?

98demake: I’ve been a gamer pretty much for my whole life. I started gaming on the NES, later moved on to Mega Drive and then to PlayStation and so on. PlayStation is definitely the platform that was the most meaningful to me personally, as you might’ve guessed from my videos!

PD: What’s your favourite game or game genre?

98demake: Don’t really have a favorite game or a genre, since there are so so many amazing games and I like to play all sorts of games. My all-time favorite franchises however are probably GTA, Fallout and Metal Gear Solid.

PD: Let’s get into the topic of your creations. Where did the idea of demakes originate from?

98demake: I saw an article somewhere, in which people had done a few demakes in a picture form, and I thought the idea could be expanded and built upon into something great!

PD: Why did you choose the late 90’s 3D ugly-ish vibe and not some other style? Pixelart maybe?

98demake: Just my personal preference. There’s something weirdly beautiful in the late 90’s 3d aesthetic. Pixel art is cool as well, but I feel that’s been kinda done already.

PD: What tools are you using to create the demakes?

98demake: I use Blender for 3d and animation, Photoshop for textures and covers, Premiere for video and Audacity for audio. The most important tools are definitely Blender and Photoshop.

PD: How long does that process take?

98demake: It’s really hard to give an accurate estimation, since it very much differs from game to game. All in all one video would take around 40 to 50 hours, of which the 3d modelling & animation takes about 90% of. So it’s a bunch of work.

PD: How do you choose your next game?

98demake: I have a list of suggestions from the viewers and of course I like doing games that I personally enjoy.

PD: Which one was your favourite to “demake”?

98demake: So far I think my favourite is the Max Payne one. It was fun to do and I think I really nailed it!

PD: What games do you still have on your “todo” list?

98demake: Dozens of games, and there’s more coming everyday! I also do write my fan suggestions down, so the list is pretty huge.

PD: What are your plans for the future regarding the YouTube channel and anything related to demakes.

98demake: To do more quality content, and to widen the time span of the videos to cover a larger scale. Basically to turn my channel into a one stop shop for all your demake needs, while still keeping 1998 as the main focus!

I also wouldn’t be against trying my hand at actually creating an original game of my own with this type of aesthetic. We’ll have to wait and see what the future has in store for 98demake!

PD: Awesome! Thanks for your time!

Because how many more unboxing and let’s play videos can you handle?

I like digging through YouTube, searching for some unique content that’s associated with gaming. Channels, that show us something different, something more than another unboxing video, or a let’s play. It’s not so easy though, since most of the time that’s something that doesn’t monetize well.

I do hope though, that there are some more channels as original as 98demake’s! If I manage to find any other channels, you can be sure I’ll post about them here.

Maybe you have some favourite channels of your own? Maybe you know about some quality content that doesn’t get much recognition? Put links into comments or shoot them to me via email at I’d love to check them out!

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